Monty's Story

We were contacted about this boy ...just by seeing this picture we knew that we could not say no! There is no rescue 'as such' out in Montenegro, so we agreed to help. We called him Monty and he was pulled from the shelter and we were assured he would go into a good foster, would get the treatment needed albeit while still living outside. We knew it would take up to 4 months before he could travel.

  3 weeks later Monty has survived the most critical period. His skin was improving and his appetite was very good, the foster carer said she was loving him more as time went by, his little personality was starting to show. Monty will continue to visit the vets for regular check ups and to discuss the next steps to take.

How happy does he look? Our Monty is doing fabulously well! This boy is proving to be just amazing having been through so much, he is just a sweetheart. He has had his rabies vaccine, been micro-chipped and has a passport. He has to have his rabies titer test on the 5th August and if that is all clear, he has to wait for 3 months before he can travel. So it’s looking like it will be November before he arrives over here.
We are so proud of this boy with his fighting spirit & very grateful to those taking care of him in Montenegro.

Monty was almost ready to travel to the UK and we were just waiting for dates to be confirmed. Monty is doing really well, although his skin has flared up and he needed some treatment for this. 

Monty travelling was nearly a no go! It’s been a stressful few days waiting to see if Monty was able to travel.  There are certain restrictions on some breeds traveling through certain countries and Bull Terriers are on that list.

The people on the ground over there have been fabulous - Una Watts & Hanne Verheyen have worked tirelessly over the last couple of days to find a safe route for Monty to travel. Laura Roepstorff has been there too researching different routes ferry’s & flights.
We have to acknowledge that these people who go above and beyond helping the dogs & cats in danger in Montenegro, they do their utmost to get them to safety, provide medical treatment, neuter the strays that live on the streets and their work never stops: Only yesterday they found a small puppy no more than 5 weeks old cuddled up to her dead sibling, both having just been abandoned unwanted and unloved. We are all Bull Terrier Lovers, are we not all dog lovers immaterial of the breed?

In country’s like Montenegro there is no rescue so they could do with our help. As we speak Una Watts & Hanne Verheyen are travelling through horrendous conditions just to get our Monty and others like him into a home for Christmas - these people deserve our utmost respect! 
Please check out their Facebook group Stray Aid Montenegro and if you can donate even a £1 that £1 could save a life

Monty from Montenegro is on his way, the first part of the journey is done and is now resting with the others in Slovenia. The next part of the journey begins when everyone has rested and gotten some much needed sleep

Monty is on the move again today, travelling through Austria with a couple of detours and should reach Holland in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Not long now Monty....


Well Monty has landed.......Monty was picked up by Absolute in Holland and travelled back on the train, he was good as gold on the journey ....he arrived in the UK and went to stay with one of the co-ordinators for the night 

20.12.2018 - 23.12.2018
2000+ miles and five days of travel, Monty arrives at his foster home!!!!!!! 
He's a real gentle soul and is a pleasure to be with. So far he just wants to eat, eat and eat some more, which isn't surprising, as he probably scavenged for food when he was on the streets. His 1st Chrismas in the UK will be like no other.

We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who played a part in changing this boys future. The people who pulled him from a life of neglect and pain, the people who provided veterinary care, gave him love, and attention, the Absolute Bull Terrier supporters who helped us settle his medical care bills and got him to the UK, to the people who worked around the legal restrictions and battled the awful travelling conditions.  To Danny who travelled to Holland to get him, to his foster dad who is now settling him in.

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As an example : on 4.2.2017 at 9.46am we received an email from a gentleman needing to re-home his bullie as quickly as possible. We were able to respond to by email before lunchtime and one of the co-ordinators was able to call to find out more details before 2.00pm. We arranged for the bullie to be picked up that evening and taken into an experienced overnight foster home for further assessment. 

Whilst some bullies need speedy attention, some are not so desperate. Each and every situation is different but with your help we can continue to do what we do and that's rescue as many of this beloved breed as possible.

Thank You

Thank you

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Kit & Kaboodle specialise in personalised items such as mugs, clothing, and bags as well as having some more personal items such as framed signs, ornaments and plaques.

They found out about Absolute Bull terriers after welcoming their own bullie. They know what a misjudged breed they can be and wanted to help raise funds and awareness.

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