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2016 Absolute Bull Terrier Rescue calendar's are now ready to order. They cost £11.99 including p&p. Payment can be made via Paypal (info@absolutebullterriers.co.uk) - please see our merchandise page for some photos/previews.


CLEO has been moved from a pound into a foster home and so has started her new life with Absolute. Sadly the bladder stones are proving worse than previously thought and surgery will be needed.  Whether opening her up a week after her spay operation is the best option we do not yet know, but today she is passing bloodied urine far to frequently and it's causing her visible distress.. Despite this she has settled in really well.We will know more following the vet check.

Today Cleo had her vet appointment and they found her bladder to be very tightly packed the size of an orange! there is sadly no other option but carry out further surgery to remove them (she has already endured a spay/removal of  6 teeth and other minor things). Cleo continues to be in lots of discomfort as her bladder is very inflamed. She will require medication this weekend to try and strengthen the bladder walls.

Cleo is booked in for surgery on Tuesday (24.11.15) even though its not ideal at this time. If anyone would like to donate towards her medical bills, your support would very much be appreciated. 

Cleo had her surgery today and is recovering well at present. These are the stones that were removed from her bladder today. The largest one's are just under 1 inch in size (all 10 of them!) at least 12 are medium sized, then a few smaller ones. The time that she can hold her urine (was a maximum of 10 minutes before the op) will increase slowly now as her bladder heals. She will need weekly urine tests for a while to check for crystals, then monthly, then twice yearly, but for now she will be a whole lot happier.....and lighter! 
The vets bill is currently at £370 of which £130 has been very kindly donated.

We would prefer donations made direct to her vets :  
Value Vets
289 Yarm Road, Darlington, DL1 1BA. 

Telephone: 01325 469165 -  please say it's for Absolute girl Cleo 
OR you can send donations by paypal to info@absolutebullterriers.co.uk. (please choose friends & family option and note it's for Cleo).

Thank you for your continued support as always.



Absolute Bull Terriers receives enquiries every day from all over the UK about Bullies in need of assistance/re-homing. 

  In order for the Absolute Co-ordinators to be able to keep up with the demand of bullies coming in and then being able to get them to their forever homes we need help.
We are in desperate need of help from people with Bull Terrier experience.
We need volunteers to assist with the following:






Here is a selection of lovely bullies that we have been able to help with your support.

Please get in touch by email

or by Facebook using the link below 


(As an example today 3.4.14 at 10.10am we received an email from a lady needing to re-home her bullie male dog as quickly as possible. We were able to respond to her by email at 12.03pm and one of the co-ordinators called the owner and found out more details at 2.00pm. We were able to arrange for the bullie to be picked up this evening and taken into overnight foster. Some bullies do need speedy attention and some are not so desperate, each and every situation is different but with your help we can continue to do what we do and that's rescue as many of this beloved breed as possible)

Thank You

Thank you

Absolute Bull Terriers would like to say a huge 

to Fellows Flowers for their continued support of ABT.


Click here to go to their Facebook Page.

To make any enquires please call 01622 715992