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  We have been trying to find a home for Jazz for some months now with no success. Please please please someone must have the experience to deal with this young lady and be able to offer her a loving home.


Jazz is 3 in May, she is spayed and vaccinated.

Jazz is good with people/children, loves to play, be kissed and cuddled and is very happy being a constant companion/your shadow. If Jazz wants your attention she will groan and grumble till she gets it.  She is a delight inside the house, although can be reactive to unexpected sounds. She doesn't like sounds such as the hoover, drills, hair-dryers and will also chase a mop.

This young lady will need a bullie experienced handler. 

 Jazz loves travelling in the car and can't wait to jump in. Jazz is on 'alert' as soon as she is on a lead - looking for anything that is not human. As soon as she sees another animal she can be a handful and this is where an experienced handler will be able to maintain control and work on improving her reaction over a period of time. If Jazz is allowed to get close enough to any dog she will snap at it.  Jazz can then take a while to settle down. 

If you have experience of working with a dog who has no socialisation skills and have a calm, authoritative nature to remain in control when necessary please get in touch by sending in an application form.





Absolute Bull Terriers receives enquiries every day from all over the UK about Bullies in need of assistance/re-homing. 

  In order for the Absolute Co-ordinators to be able to keep up with the demand of bullies coming in and then being able to get them to their forever homes we need help.
We are in desperate need of help from people with Bull Terrier experience.
We need volunteers to assist with the following:






Here is a selection of lovely bullies that we have been able to help with your support.

Please get in touch by email

or by Facebook using the link below 


(As an example today 3.4.14 at 10.10am we received an email from a lady needing to re-home her bullie male dog as quickly as possible. We were able to respond to her by email at 12.03pm and one of the co-ordinators called the owner and found out more details at 2.00pm. We were able to arrange for the bullie to be picked up this evening and taken into overnight foster. Some bullies do need speedy attention and some are not so desperate, each and every situation is different but with your help we can continue to do what we do and that's rescue as many of this beloved breed as possible)

Thank You

Thank you

Absolute Bull Terriers would like to say a huge 

 to Albany Pet Stop for their continued support of ABT.

Albany Pet Stop
46 Steynton Avenue

T: 020 8300 5789
E: info@albanypets.co.uk