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Toby is 5 years and we need a home that can see him through veterinary care whilst assessing him further.

He has very sore skin, sore ears and his nails are growing into his pads.

He is entire and neutering will be carried out when a vet says he is ready.

He is reactive to other dogs and is muzzled when out walking and needs to be moved to a pet free home.

He is used to living with children and is comfortable around them.

At the moment he is bored and under-stimulated and so needs a home who can provide him with the attention he needs, good food and exercise once his feet are treated.

Please send in an application if you can help us to help this boy.

A BIG thank you from
 the Absolute Team.


**** Please see 'Events' page for Bullie walk dates, times & locations****


 Absolute Bull Terriers receives enquiries every day from all over the UK about Bullies in need of assistance/re-homing. 

  In order for the Absolute Co-ordinators to be able to keep up with the demand of bullies coming in and then being able to get them to their forever homes we need help.
We are always in need of help from people with Bull Terrier experience.
We need volunteers to assist with the following:






A selection of bullies that we have re-homed

Please get in touch by email

or by Facebook using the link below 


As an example : on 4.2.2016 at 9.46am we received an email from a gentleman needing to re-home his bullie as quickly as possible. We were able to respond to by email before lunchtime and one of the co-ordinators was able to call to find out more details before 2.00pm. We arranged for the bullie to be picked up that evening and taken into an experienced overnight foster for further assessment. 

Whilst some bullies need speedy attention, some are not so desperate. Each and every situation is different but with your help we can continue to do what we do and that's rescue as many of this beloved breed as possible.

Thank You

Thank you

Absolute Bull Terriers would like to say a huge 

to Fellows Flowers for their continued support of ABT.


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To make any enquires please call 01622 715992