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Good news!

 Casey, Ben and Skeggy have all gone from being crated 23 hours a day to being in foster homes. They are now all receiving the medical attention, care and love they deserve. We now need to find them all their FOREVER homes - please see the main 'bullies looking for home' page.

Bonnie Needs Your Help!

The lovely Bonnie, came into rescue after being dumped at the local dogs home.  She was underweight, has badly decayed teeth and has a raised lump on her back which measures 6cm round & 2cm high.

Bonnie has been in foster with the co-ordinators of Absolute, we are pleased to say she has gained a little weight and now been assessed by a vet. They have given her the all clear for the surgery that she needs.

The lump needs to be removed & sent away for testing. She needs a dental, scale & polish (vet is not sure at this stage if any teeth need to be removed) and she will be spayed at the same time.

Please donate if you can so that Bonnie can get the treatment she needs & go on to find her forever home.
Donations can be made via Paypal
(please state it's for Bonnie)

Preferred method is direct to the vets.
Park View Veterinary Group
Park View Road, Welling
Kent DA16 3NA
Tel : 020 8303 2864
Absolute Bull Terriers / Bonnie

Please see the ICU pages for more photos of Bonnie in her foster home. 

 The following photos are all the very gorgeous bullies that are in need of permanent homes.





Absolute Bull Terriers receives enquiries every day from all over the UK about Bullies in need of assistance/re-homing. 

  In order for the Absolute Co-ordinators to be able to keep up with the demand of bullies coming in and then being able to get them to their forever homes we need help.
We are in desperate need of help from people with Bull Terrier experience.
We need volunteers to assist with the following:






Here is a selection of lovely bullies that we have been able to help with your support.

Please get in touch by email

or by Facebook using the link below 


(As an example today 3.4.14 at 10.10am we received an email from a lady needing to re-home her bullie male dog as quickly as possible. We were able to respond to her by email at 12.03pm and one of the co-ordinators called the owner and found out more details at 2.00pm. We were able to arrange for the bullie to be picked up this evening and taken into overnight foster. Some bullies do need speedy attention and some are not so desperate, each and every situation is different but with your help we can continue to do what we do and that's rescue as many of this beloved breed as possible)

Thank You

Thank you

Absolute Bull Terriers would like to say a huge 

to Fellows Flowers for their continued support of ABT.


Click here to go to their Facebook Page.

To make any enquires please call 01622 715992