Behaviour & Training

             My Name is Oli Barter and this is a little about me :

I've had dogs since day dot, and was brought up in the company of several dogs in the house at all times and many more in my mothers rescue.

The first dog I got to call my own, when I was 14, was a German Shepherd /Anatolian cross called Maverick, who was 8 months old and grew into a 10+ stone gentle giant. Unfortunately we lost him in 2008, and 5 months later I got my first Bullie - Cassie. She was 20 months old when she came in to the rescue, and chose me as her new owner.  Prior to having Cassie my only Bull Terrier experience was with my sister's Bullie Roxy, who became part of the fur family in 2007.

I started helping and training with the rescue dogs earlier this year and it's been a learning curve ever since, constantly re-evaluating different methods and techniques to maximum effect and to be honest I was very surprised at how everything came so natural to me and with such positive results. I've learned so much from just observing the behaviour of these dogs.

Although I have worked with many breeds of dog, the increasing number of Bullies arriving with extensive behavioural problems is a challenge I accept.  In most cases the rescue dogs has no history or worse, a  history of abuse so its especially rewarding as I just love their personalities and find their stubbornness endearing .. a bit like myself being a Taurus.... there must be a connection there somewhere

With the increasing amount of rescue dogs we have taken in the past year (with bullies comprising a high percentage), coupled with the increasing amount of dogs that cannot be re- homed (as they are deemed 'broken') I have learned so much, and with the help from family and professionals,  I know in my heart I have now found my calling and gift in life.

This is definitely a passion for me and it's what I am meant to do. I feel I can truly make a difference and will always strive to repair the damage that has been done, by bringing the dogs true spirit back.

My rates are reasonable & I am happy to travel. 
Please email me with any enquiries and I will get back to you as soon as I can
Thank you