Allowing a Bullie to become part of your family, giving them time and space to adjust to new surroundings, to give re-assurance to allow that very big character to shine through is one of the most rewarding things you can do if you love the breed. With firm guidance and affection they can be taught to trust humans, other dogs and learn how wonderful life can really be. Without the support of Foster parents Absolute Bull Terriers would find it very difficult to do what we do. 

We are always in need of new foster homes so please get in touch if you think you can help even if its one dog for a short amount of time.
Below we have some words from people who have fostered for Absolute:

''The 1st deep sigh as though the weight has lifted, the long deep sleep that follows.  The quietness of letting them settle, the adoring look you get as you allow them to snuggle.
The 1st sleep upside down, the 1st time of acting like a clown
The very 1st bullie spin, the 1st satisfied grin.
I know that they are safe
Because I fostered". 

"Providing a foster home for a bully is a highly enjoyable experience but not without its stresses too! (We are talking about bullies here though to be fair - you must expect nothing less! )

 I have found the first few days with Kizzy to be a little chaotic -  settling her into new surroundings, with new companions and a different routine to what she is used can be challenging, but by making a few small changes every day I have noticed vast improvements by day 3 as she is a quick learner.

Kiz obviously has tons of energy but I found as long as she is given regular walks and lots of cuddles, restricted diet and a bit of discipline, she is a joy to look after and has helped my dog Millie get used to the idea of having another dog around.  Although the bed /food is still a bone of contention (no pun intended!) we have ways of working around these issues without too much upset to any party. 

I think anyone who has experience and an understanding of the breed should at least foster a Bullie for a time if they can - if you give them regular exercise, discipline, and cuddles and you can form a regular routine, you won't find a more rewarding and accommodating friend than a Bullie .

The founders of absolute bull terriers appear to go to great lengths and expense to ensure the dogs who come into their care are happy and placed in suitable homes to be well looked after. I intend to help as much as I possibly can in a bid to ease the pressures on such caring people and assist this wonderful breed and hope many more people do the same!"

'It's one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. I had to get my head around the fact that the bullies that come into my home are 'rescue' dogs and come from a number of different circumstances with a variety of issues/quirks. 

I start with routine straight away although the dog is usually given space/peace and quiet initially and I'm not overly fussy/touchy feely with them unless they come to me for affection. I start by getting them up in the morning, exercising, and feeding at the same time each and every day and give lots of positive reinforcement for good behaviour. Bad behaviour is dealt with by using a squirty water bottle and a quick No!! in raised voice. I try to keep the noise levels in my house fairly low so that when I do shout it's something the dogs know to take notice of. 

It is sad when they leave but knowing they are leaving to go to a new home that has been checked over and they are wanted makes it all worthwhile. I would definitely recommend it, my own dog gets company and I feel like I'm helping my favourite breed.'