Rescue Success

Here's just a few of the many Bullies that have needed special care from Absolute Bull Terrier Rescue/New owners:


Our little RAY of sunshine

This boy's plight was circulated on various social media on/around 17th January and we got in touch and offered assistance. 

Ray was handed in by his original owner after 7 years and a home was found for him, but after 2 weeks he was surrendered again. Ray will be 8 in March.He is depressed and hasn't copied with the changes/going back to the kennels at all.  

1st February - We were told that Ray was really struggling, he has been quiet and appears to be internalising his stress. His immune system is compromised again and he is back on medication along with his special diet, but what he need to assist with a quick recovery is a home environment. So we asked for help to find a foster home in Cyprus to get him out of kennels and it happened. 

Ray improved and was given the all clear to travel, and he was picked up by the ABT team on in April 2019.

This lucky boy has now been re-homed and is living the life he truly deserves.

Monty from Montenegro

We were contacted about this boy ...just by seeing this picture we knew that we could not say no! There is no rescue 'as such' out in Montenegro, so we agreed to help. We called him Monty and he was pulled from the shelter and we were assured he would go into a good foster, would get the treatment needed albeit while still living outside. We knew it would take up to 4 months before he could travel.

  3 weeks later Monty has survived the most critical period. His skin was improving and his appetite was very good, the foster carer said she was loving him more as time went by, his little personality was starting to show. Monty will continue to visit the vets for regular check ups and to discuss the next steps to take.

How happy does he look? Our Monty is doing fabulously well! This boy is proving to be just amazing having been through so much, he is just a sweetheart. He has had his rabies vaccine, been micro-chipped and has a passport. He has to have his rabies titer test on the 5th August and if that is all clear, he has to wait for 3 months before he can travel. So it’s looking like it will be November before he arrives over here.
We are so proud of this boy with his fighting spirit & very grateful to those taking care of him in Montenegro. 

Monty was almost ready to travel to the UK and we were just waiting for dates to be confirmed. Monty is doing really well, although his skin has flared up and he needed some treatment for this. 

Monty travelling was nearly a no go! It’s been a stressful few days waiting to see if Monty was able to travel.  There are certain restrictions on some breeds traveling through certain countries and Bull Terriers are on that list.

The people on the ground over there have been fabulous - Una Watts & Hanne Verheyen have worked tirelessly over the last couple of days to find a safe route for Monty to travel. Laura Roepstorff has been there too researching different routes ferry’s & flights.
We have to acknowledge that these people who go above and beyond helping the dogs & cats in danger in Montenegro, they do their utmost to get them to safety, provide medical treatment, neuter the strays that live on the streets and their work never stops: Only yesterday they found a small puppy no more than 5 weeks old cuddled up to her dead sibling, both having just been abandoned unwanted and unloved. We are all Bull Terrier Lovers, are we not all dog lovers immaterial of the breed?

In country’s like Montenegro there is no rescue so they could do with our help. As we speak Una Watts & Hanne Verheyen are travelling through horrendous conditions just to get our Monty and others like him into a home for Christmas - these people deserve our utmost respect! 
Please check out their Facebook group Stray Aid Montenegro and if you can donate even a £1 that £1 could save a life

Monty from Montenegro is on his way, the first part of the journey is done and is now resting with the others in Slovenia. The next part of the journey begins when everyone has rested and gotten some much needed sleep

Monty is on the move again today, travelling through Austria with a couple of detours and should reach Holland in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Not long now Monty....


Well Monty has landed.......Monty was picked up by Absolute in Holland and travelled back on the train, he was good as gold on the journey ....he arrived in the UK and went to stay with one of the co-ordinators for the night 

20.12.2018 - 23.12.2018
2000+ miles and five days of travel, Monty arrives at his foster home!!!!!!! 
He's a real gentle soul and is a pleasure to be with. So far he just wants to eat, eat and eat some more, which isn't surprising, as he probably scavenged for food when he was on the streets. His 1st Chrismas in the UK will be like no other.
We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who played a part in changing this boys future. The people who pulled him from a life of neglect and pain, the people who provided veterinary care, gave him love and attention, the Absolute Bull Terrier supporters who helped us settle his medical care bills and got him to the UK, to the people who worked around the legal restrictions and battled the awful travelling conditions.  To Danny who travelled to Holland to get him, to his foster dad who is now settling him in.


Duke was in Bosnia and for all of his 8 years of life has lived outside with a wooden hut as his only shelter.  When a supporter of Absolute got in touch on 21.12.17 and said he was due to be put out on the street to fend for himself we agreed to help him. It was an ordeal to get Duke out of his hut as he was scared of interaction in general. He went into foster whilst his neutering, vaccinations and passport were arranged/completed. He was dirty, smelly and was received veterinary care for his many sores and removal of  a growth from his tummy.

Duke arrived in the UK on 20.1.18 and has gone into an experienced foster home for further assessment. He will be given time to settle, will be well looked after and receive ongoing veterinary care for his sore skin. This boy deserves nothing but the best and we have arranged a walk in his honour (see Events page for date and location) so that everyone one who has supported his journey and ongoing care can meet him.

24 hours in and as you can see from the photos below Duke is doing just fine. 
We are so pleased to have been able of offer this boy help and improve his life.

We will add updates here in the coming weeks. 

Bella                      Dougie

Bella and Dougie came into rescue in February 2017. Both were extremely thin, ribs showing, nails curled into their pads. Doug has a gunky eye, was unsteady on his back legs.

Following a visit to vet for a full health-check.
Doug had 5 nails embedded in his pads & Bella had 3 - both were placed on antibiotics.
They both had ear infections 

 Doug had dry-eye and arthritis in his back legs.
Both had pressure sores, both had tartar build up on their teeth.
Bella had a slight heart murmur but no medication was needed.
Both were undernourished - Bella weighin at 13.3kg & Doug at 16kg

We set up an Amazon wishlist as this pair had nothing, not even a lead! As usual our supporters came through for us ...within a few days the pair had leads, collars, blankets, toys, good food and new bedding.

   Within 9 days Doug has gained 5.3kg and Bella has gained 3.7kg and they were progressing really well.

Bella & Doug went off to their forever home in early March 2017 and we will post any further updates here as we receive them.

Sox & Beau
 What a difference a bit of love and care can make... this is Absolute Sox on the day she was rescued 11.12.2016 (top picture) and today 22.2.2017 (bottom) .


This is Absolute Beau today 12.2.2017 (top) and the day she was rescued 11.12.2016 (bottom pictures).

Thank you to everyone who helped us move these girls and to their new family's for taking such good care of them since.

24.9.201 I woke up this morning and made my way down stairs. Made a coffee and had a hug with Rupert on the sofa. As he laid across me, on his back with a look of contentment, I remembered the day my life changed forever 4.11.2013, at around 5.30pm. 

My boyfriend Dan had gone to collect Rupert from his foster home, I couldn't go as I had to work. I finished slightly early and waited at the window. I felt anxious, exhilarated, with a splash of slight apprehension. Then they pulled up in the car. I will always remember Dan's face of disarray, accompanied with a negative head shake, which I paid no particular attention to. Dan revealed a 3 hour journey of being barked at, including Rupert getting his head stuck in the boot guard in his attempt to escape. 

In walked this small, perfectly formed, four legged, extraordinarily imposing bull terrier. He did a few laps of his new home, into everything, and then I felt slightly saddened. Saddened that this was not an act of a calm, contented, gleeful bull terrier, but more a scared, unsure, distressed, edgy bull terrier. He was probably wondering how long THIS home would last. From a life of being dumped, left to please himself - leading to his tail needing to be amputated because it was so sore from his tail chasing/boredom. Weighing merely 14kg. Being re-homed twice, ending up in the pound a night away from being put to sleep. Humans had failed him BIG TIME!

I then had my faith in humanity restored, restored in the shape of a dog rescue. These marvellous people who work around the clock to save lives. The people that drive from one end of the country to the other to save lives. The people that save the voiceless. The people who personify compassion, warmth, tolerance, understanding and a motto of second chances. If it wasn't for the team at Absolute, who knows where Rupert would have ended up. 

Our journey with Rupert since having him hasn't all been rainbows, rabbits, fairies and unicorns, it's been tough!. Two visits from the behaviourist, a dislike of people coming to the house, and also leaving. The constant battle to be 'alpha', nearly having my arm dislocated with his endearment to the outside world. The looks from the general public that your walking a barbaric beast, that wears a muzzle for safety reasons because he can take a dislike to other dogs (ill stay on the safe side thanks!!!)
leads me onto my fascination of the breed. 

They are truly like no other. And they really are not for everyone. The way they capture your heart and turn it to mush. Their 'menacing' natural look, even their resting face, that can only be loved by a true bull terrier lover. Their massive heads that match their massive hearts. Their proclivity towards their owners. Their relentless hair shredding that's impossible to get out of the sofa, also your clothes and well anything actually...!!  Their need for constant attention and contact. Their infatuation for balls. Their little dances and spins. The fact they understand english, "food". Their tenacious spirit. Their bravery and their ingenuous nature. I have never laughed as much as in this year I've had Rupert. There's a reason on google that they are described as the clown of the dog world.

 I've broken down in tears in despair at this bull terrorist. But nothing in life is easy right?  So nearly a year on, it's fair to say I am in love, and greater than that, I have a content bull terrier.  I am not the proud owner of a bull terrier, but proud to be owned by a bull terrier.  


Rocky is the young bullie that was up for sale/or swap for a 'decent mountain bike, phone or gadget!!. This not only struck a cord with the Co-ordinators of Absolute but also our many supporters and the funds were raised in order to bring him into the rescue (something that usually isn't done).  

Rocky was taken into foster in February 2014. He was thin, entire and vocal. His foster parents bought him some toys, a new crate, a new lead and harness. 
One week later Rocky was loving his crate and had also quietened down. He was given a bath and fed well and continued to improve.

One week later Rocky was continuing to settle down and responding to the time and effort his foster parents were giving him. Rocky was then neutered before going off to his forever home in March.

To everyone who helped get this boy safe, thank you once again - the pictures below show (we think) a handsome confident bullie who is obviously well cared for and loved...another Absolute happy ending.


BB Relaxing
This is BB's forever mums story.

'I was fortunate enough to adopt BB from ABT in December 2013. He is an incredibly vital and happy 5 year old bullie. The only dog I have ever owned previously was an EBT and he was the joy of my life. When BB arrived at my home it became apparent quite quickly that he didn't appear to have had any training, he was frantic on the lead, chewed his paws constantly and didn't seem to have many manners at all - he wanted desperately to befriend everybody and anybody (by full body dives). 

The first few weeks were full on as BB would wake during the night barking, he took to swinging off the curtains, chewing electrical wires and running around the house with pot plants in his mouth. All of BB’s behavior seemed to be quite puppy like! even though he is a fully grown adult. He was exercised several times per day, switched to the BARF diet, had play time, toys and lots of attention. The truth is BB just needed time to settle in and I’m the first to admit I started feeling like a bit of failure that he didn’t seem to settle in quickly.
Success!      On the DLR

BB for all of his exuberance can be quite scared and unsure of himself outdoors - he didn't like trains at all (which was unfortunate as we live next to a train station) and he can become startled by planes, loud voices, cyclists etc. On our walks BB and I started sitting at the train station just watching the trains come and go, we would go armed with BB's favorite snacks, hugs and encouragement. We spent hours up there to be honest. He kind of became like the DLR mascot. People would recognize us and stop and ask how we were getting on and slowly but surely the full body dives lessened and he became desensitized to what he had feared.
Although it didn’t happen overnight it did happen swiftly and we can now ride on the DLR and although it’s a bit much if we get off at a station that's really busy as he finds crowds overwhelming. He is now a dream passenger on the DLR - he sits down and is unruffled by our journey. 
On an ABT bullie walk

I wasn't able to do all of this on my own, our dog walker David from Dogs buddy was a massive support and positive influence on BB and his behavior. David supported me so much and kept reminding me how BB was adjusting so positively and so quickly to his new life and it helped. It was actually David’s suggestion for me to sit with BB at the train station.  Also Karen & Danny (from ABT) were incredibly supportive and even visited us to help guide me with BB when he was so full on in the house. This one visit completely turned around BB's behavior and manners as I needed advice on how to deal with an adult dog that had never been trained. He is a quick learner & it honestly took no time at all for his behavior to settle down. 

The truth is all BB really wanted is clear guidelines - he hadn't had any before, he wanted passionately to be out in the world but found it all so overwhelming when he was. 

Growth and transformation take time and it’s still a work in progress but we are getting there. BB has relaxed so much now he knows the rules. 
Loving the attention.

I am so thrilled that BB was placed with me even if the first 6 weeks were crazy. The hard work has paid off as he has become a loving companion who just needed a chance. Adopting a rescue dog is a huge commitment but it’s the most worthwhile thing I have done in years. 

BB is so much fun and such a sweet natured little guy, I don’t know how I lived without him! He is a JOY! Thank you ABT for placing him with me.


Maggie was initially found as a stray and eventually found herself at the pound. Absolute Bull Terriers were able to agree her release. 


It was pretty evident that the poor girl was starving, but fairly quickly after her release from the pound it was discovered that she had another problem.  

A trip to the vets ended up with a major operation to remove a blockage. The vets said the contents included part of a leather belt, bits of cloth and stones which they think she had eaten to keep herself alive.

With lots of care, affection and frequent small meals Maggie was nursed back to health.

Maggie was then able to move to her forever home and now enjoys a life being loved and cared for.

 We think her smile says it all :)


Little Larry was found walking the streets in a awful state.

He was immediately taken to a vet and after various tests was found to have a severe case of Demodectic mange and also a grade 4/5 heart murmur. He went onto medications for the heart murmur, antibiotics for infections and also had to have a weekly mite wash. It took just over one year before his hair started to grow back.  He was cared for by one of the Absolute's co-ordinators who has years of experience with these type of medical issues and whilst he was adjusting to his medication he was escorted around about in a child's pram to minimise any stress on his heart.

Today Little Larry is in his forever home enjoying all the comforts, love and attention that he should.  Thank you to all who donated, attended bullie walks and bought auction items to raise funds for his treatment. Little Larry would lick you all as a thank you if he could.



Diesel is our special 7 year old bullie boy who was in Kennels for two years, through no fault of his own. Finally, Absolute Bull Terriers Rescue were allowed to find him a home he deserved. He was in foster with Karen, one of our coordinators enjoying his freedom and home comforts, however he had started to collapse while out walking. So he was taken to the Royal Veterinary College Cardiac Unit in Potters Bar. During a clinical examination a heart murmur was detected and a slightly prolonged expiratory phase was noted on pulmonary auscultation. General blood work was performed to rule out a systemic disease process and assess his kidney function. A heart scan revealed an abnormal left heart valve causing back flow of blood into the left fore chamber which, if left untreated, eventually leads to fluid build up in his lungs. There was also inadequate contraction of the heart muscle which may contribute to Diesels collapsing episodes. An ECG was performed to assess Diesels heart rhythm; this revealed an occasional abnormal heart beat, which is likely consequence of his heart disease. An irregular heart beat can be intermittent in nature and cause fainting episodes, further assessment was needed for this so Diesel came home wearing a portable ECG machine. Chest x rays were taken to assess for evidence of fluid in the lungs  ( heart failure ) and there was mild changes part of the lungs , which raised concerns about early fluid build up. Diesels disease was likely to progress over time and it was difficult to predict his prognosis. With medications we were advised that he was likely to do well for a year possibly longer, however, if an irregular heart rhythm was the cause of the collapsing episodes, there was a risk of sudden death that could not be eliminated without medications or exercise restrictions.

Keeping Diesel Doodlebug (as he was affectionately named) happy and well was our main concern. Absolute Bull Terriers along with your help were able to make that happen.

Here is Diesel (on the left) with his pal Albert who is also a rescue success.



 This is London & South East Coordinator Karen Lang's story about her special girl:

"We received a call just before Christmas 2008, a female English Bull Terrier needed re-homing, and she was losing weight and being kept outside because she had an accident on the carpet."

"Nothing could have prepared us for what we walked into that day; this poor little girl had been left in the garden in some kind of makeshift shack with 2 other dogs who had been attacking her."

"Angel as she is now known weighed less than 13kg and had bite wounds to her legs and face, one leg was so badly infected she couldn’t walk! We picked her up wrapped her in a blanket got the paperwork signed and walked out as quickly as we could, first stop home then straight to the vets."

"With plenty of TLC Angel made a full recovery, and her confidence grew. She settled in well at her foster home, and was slowly integrated with the rest of the pack as she was not keen to be near the other dogs at first, and who could blame her after what she had been through, but with time and patience she soon learned that she could trust them. Angel’s foster family failed and she became a permanent addition she has become a beautiful well adjusted little girl."




This lovely boy was rescued from a puppy farm. It's believed that he been living for some time in an open yard.

Albert had a severe case of Demodetic mange and needed to go onto antibiotics and a weekly mite wash.It took several months for his hair to start growing back.

Albert ended up staying with his foster mum and is now 10 years old (2014). 

He's a very laid back boy who loves doing what Bullies do. We think the picture shows just how content he is and that's what its all about for those who volunteer at Absolute.

Rescue Me

A gentle pat upon my head,
The safety of a nice warm bed,
The loving family i have never had...
Rescue Me.
A bowl of food to fill me up,
A walk and games played on the sand,
My coat caressed by a loving hand,
Rescue Me.
My egg shaped head and glinty eyes,
My owners have grown to despise,
So they leave me in the cold bare yard outside,
Rescue me.
I ache for the day I find a home
To be in it forever where i am free to roam
With a family to call my own,
Rescue me

Written by : Ange