Dogs Available

Please note: We DO NOT re-home bullies to homes with cats or very young children - please do not apply as your application will NOT be progressed any further. 

Absolute Bull Terrier Rescue have these lovely bullies looking for their forever homes. 

If you think you may be able to offer one of these fabulous Bull Terriers a loving home, please complete the Application Form.

(Adoption Fee will be payable before the dog can be collected - please see bottom of page for details/amounts)

***September 2019***

We have been inundated with applications recently and this has caused a delay in processing new home-checks. 

Whilst we catch up we are not able to process any new applications so please be patient. We are dealing with matters as quickly as we can. 

People who have already been home-checked will take priority when we are trying to match up the bullies currently in rescue with us. 

Again, thank you for your patience. 

Age: 6 years old
Spayed : Yes
Chipped: Yes 
Vacc's: Yes, booster mid 2020
Good with dogs: Not so much
Good with children: Yes
Heath Issues: None
Area: Manchester

This very lovely girl is in need of a home quickly as her current owners are leaving the UK towards the end of September. Ideally we would like to find her a new home straight away to minimise any moving around but we will also look for a foster home if necessary. 

Tuchka is fine in the house and great with the children (she lives with to aged 2.5 years and 8 months)

She has no food aggression but does get anxious with other dogs when outside (currently lives with a collie). Her owner would prefer her to be only dog as she is not sure how she would take to living with a strange dog.

She has previously had an ingrowing nail but it's fine at the moment.

Tuchka is small but all in proportion. Tuchka doesn't like the noise from power tools.

She does pull on the lead (at present she is only walked once a day) but we believe with regular walks and good training her social and walking skills will be fine. Tuchka was very friendly towards the assessor and was happy to keep her company whilst she visited.

If you can offer Tuchka a new forever home or a foster please get in touch with one of the team and fill out an application form. Anyone already home-checked will take priority (an adoption fee of £250.00 will be payable for Tuchka - please see below)

Please see the heading above regarding applications.

Storm (on the left)
Age: 3 years old
Spayed : Not yet - adoption condition
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes booster needed
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with children: Yes
Heath Issues: None
Area: Maidstone, Kent

Dodger (on the right)
Age: 7 years old
Neutered: Not yet - adoption condition
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes booster needed
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with children: Yes
Heath Issues: None
Area: Maidstone, Kent

These two darlings are currently looking for their forever homes through no fault of their own.

Both are dog friendly. Storm can be a little whirlwind as her name and age will suggest and she can be very bouncy and over the top when meeting other dogs.

Dodger is a laid back gentleman who walks along nicely and takes most things in his stride.

Both are crate trained and will take themselves off if they need.

Both are okay travelling in a car.

They don't have any health problems .. but Storm has got a sensitive tummy.

We ideally would like to re-home them together as they are a bonded pair.

If you have a two seater sofa spare in your house (and your heart) and are looking for that perfect read made bullie pair AND have already been home-checked then please get in touch with one of the team
  (an adoption fee of £600.00 will be payable for them both - please see below)
Please see the heading above regarding applications.

Age: 6 years old
Neutered: Yes
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs:  Is muzzled if out in public
Good with children: Yes older 13+
Heath Issues: None

After his arrival from Bosnia in July, Zorro has been in foster and is now ready to be re-homed. A pesky grass seed in his foot did delay his re-homing but now we are pleased to say its all healed and he is back to good health. 

Zorro was fostered with six other dogs in Bosnia and lived quite happily with them. One of the pack didn't like him, so he was separated when the humans were not around. Zorro was initially perfect with other dogs when he arrived in the UK, but he did have a bad day so we have been working on this with socialisation walks along with a trainer. 

Zorro can be reactive to noisy or overexcited dogs so it is probably best that he be muzzled around other dogs. He would benefit from ongoing training. He may well live happily with other dogs as he did previously. Any introductions would need to be done carefully and any new home must have the ability to separate. 

We feel he would be ok with bullie savvy older children. 

He is very clean in the house. He won't do his number two's in the garden so needs a good walk an hour after breakfast and dinner. 

Zorro will follow you everywhere, like a shadow but he's also fine to be left alone. 

Zorro is six years old and is a big lad. He does walk well on and off the lead. If there is good vision within the walking area he is allowed to be off lead. He generally stays close and loves to play fetch. 
He is keen to learn and I was surprised how quick he picked up the the English language/commands. 

He is food driven and is very greedy! He will grab for food and toys if not reminded to be gentle. 

He travels fine in the car, likes to go in water. Loves his walks and he has not needed to be crated but he was okay with the crate when he 1st arrived. 

Any homes already checked and passed will take priority but please fill out an application form  if you think Zorro may be the one for you. (an adoption fee of £250.00 will be payable for Zorro - please see below)

Please see the heading above regarding applications.

Age: 1 year old
Spayed : Not yet - due this month
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes, but is very hyper
Good with children: Has not lived with. Very bouncy 13+
Heath Issues: None

This very pretty girl is a typical 12 month old bullie. Luna is full on/hyper and everything is done at a million miles an hour.

Luna is used to being in a crate overnight with a cover over the top to help her settle.

She is good around other dogs when out but her excitement is off the scale at the moment, so it maybe better for her to be re-homed as an only dog unless the family is very experienced and has the ability to separate.

Luna is used to being left for a only a few hours at a time and we are keen for her to have company for most of the day. She hasn't lived with children and we feel she will only suit a home with older children as she does nip for attention. She does pull on her harness but is fine off the lead providing there are no other distractions. She travels ok - no sickness although she doesn't appear to enjoy it very much.

Luna is fed raw to minimise any skin issues and she will happily play with a ball and likes to play fetch.  Food can be taken from her with no issues.

This girl would benefit from a calm but active household. She needs lots of exercise, stimulation and to be given firm rules/routines. Once she has settled in her new environment some supervised socialising would be good for her.

If you have the patience for a year old bullie who needs to learn some rules and lead an active life please get in touch please fill in an application form (an adoption fee of £400.00 will be payable for Luna - please see below)

We are always happy to register people who are looking to re-home a (or pairs of) Bull Terrier. Due to the quick turn around sometimes required, we don't always have the opportunity to get all of the bullies loaded to the website. Please fill in an application form even if you don't think any of the dogs currently shown here match your requirements. Once we receive your application, and your home check is complete (and deemed satisfactory) we do hold your details, and so are then ready to call you straight away if a dog comes in that we feel would suit you.

Adoption Fee's:
Payment is required BEFORE the dog is collected.

Puppies under 6 months - Price on application 
£400.00 for Bull Terrier Puppies 6 - 12 months
£350.00 for Bull Terriers aged 13 months - 3 years
£250.00 for Bull Terriers aged 4 - 7 years
£150.00 for Bull Terriers aged 8 +

£250.00 for Bull Terrier cross puppies under 2 years
£200.00 for Adult Bull Terrier Crosses over 2 years