Dogs Available

Please note: We DO NOT re-home bullies to homes with cats or very young children - please do not apply as your application will not be progressed any further. 

Absolute Bull Terrier Rescue have these lovely bullies looking for their forever homes. 

If you think you may be able to offer one of these fabulous Bull Terriers a loving home, please complete the Application Form.

(Adoption Fee will be payable before the dog can be collected - please see bottom of page for details/amounts)


Age: 1 year old 
Neutered: not yet condition of re-home
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: Not lived with /possible laid back female
Good with children: Yes 8+
Health Issues: None
Area: Lancashire

This handsome boy has been in foster and is now looking for his forever home. 
He used to live with a male dog and they started to not get along and we were asked to help re-home him. Following a period of assessment we feel he could live with a submissive female bullie girl BUT with a very slow introduction would be a must & available room for them to be separated. George needs to learn how to socialise with other dogs in & outside of the home, and he is very full on due to his age. 

If he is placed as an only dog we would be looking for someone/a family who is around quite a lot of the day, as he loves company. George has shown to be a man's dog but will quite happily share hugs with his foster mum too.
He is good with children & very affectionate. If you can give George all of the above please fill in an application form (An adoption fee of £200.00 will apply for George shown below).  

Age: 6 years old
Spayed: Yes
Chipped: Not yet - will need to new owner 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: Can be temperamental
Good with children: Yes 8+
Health Issues: None
Area: North Yorkshire

Ruby needs a new home through no fault of her own.

She has been left for up to 7 hours but we would like for any new home to only be away for 4/4 hours at any one time. 

Ruby is used to living with children from baby's to teenagers. She has not shared her house with another dog so we will re-home her as an only dog. She will need supervision around other dogs as she can have an issue with sharing toys/balls. She likes to chew on sticks.

Ruby walks fine on a collar and lead - she does pull first and then usually settles down. She also  travels well in the boot of the car.

Ruby is a loving affectionate girl who needs a 1st class home. If you think you can offer Ruby her forever sofa then please fill in an application form (An adoption fee of £175.00 will apply for Ruby shown below).  

Age: 3 years old
Neutered: not yet condition of re-home 
Chipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with children: Yes 13+
Health Issues: None
Area: Devon

Flint is a gorgeous boy - he plays with a black lab indoors & is great with dogs indoors.

He is a big cuddle monster who loves attention.

Flint weighs in at 37kg so he is a big boy.

He will need someone who is willing to work on socialising outside of the home. At present he isn't being walked very much and is the reason for his re-home.

Flint has not lived with children so any new home will need to have older children. He also doesn't like cats, so no small furries can be around.

If you would like to be considered as a suitable home for this boy please f
ill in an application form (An adoption fee of £200.00 will apply for Flint shown below).  

Age: 5 years old
Spayed: Yes
Chipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes..gets very excited
Good with children: Yes 13+
Heath Issues: None
Area: Essex

The delightful Mollie arrived from Galway, Ireland at the end of May and is currently in foster. She is 5 years old and crate trained. She was a bit full on with wanting to play and discover her surroundings which is expected when she 1st arrived. She just needs to be shown her boundaries and learn a little more more. Mollie was a little needy but that's understandable after her journey.

A couple of weeks on and little Mollie has settled in well. Her only real issue is not been socialised on a lead - she has been friendly with all dogs so far but when she sees them, she is desperate to get to them and say hello - this appears as barking and pulling but is purely excitement. She will need training with regards to this.

She's a very sweet little girl. Mollie is clean inside the house and happy to relax in her crate. She follows her foster dad around the house, is learning to play with toys. Once she learns her doggy etiquette she will be a really lovely companion.

We would like to find Mollie a home where she is not left to often or for to long and any new home will need to know how to bring her socialisation. If you think this girl could be the bullie for you please complete an application form
(An adoption fee of £175.00 will apply for Mollie shown below). 


Age: 7 years old
Neutered: Yes
Chipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: No
Good with children: Yes 8+
Heath Issues: None
Area: West Midlands

This gorgeous boy has now become too much for his elderly owner's and so we are assisting with trying to find him a new home as soon as possible.

Thor is aged 7. Neutered. Vaccinated and ready to go. He is great with kids of 8+ but has not lived with. He hasn't been socialised following an incident a few years ago so he is a little nervous and could react on close contact.

Thor needs to be re-homed as an only dog and to someone/a family who can ensure care is taken when they are in areas where other dogs are off the lead. He is a lovely boy but his needs are not being met at present.

If you think you can offer this boy a wonderful home, please get in touch with the team by sending in an application form.

We are always happy to register people who are looking to re-home a (or pairs of) Bull Terrier. Due to the quick turn around sometimes required, we don't always have the opportunity to get all of the bullies loaded to the website. Please fill in an application form even if you don't think any of the dogs currently shown here match your requirements. Once we receive your application, and your home check is complete (and deemed satisfactory) we do hold your details, and so are then ready to call you straight away if a dog comes in that we feel would suit you.

Adoption Fee's:
Payment is required BEFORE the dog is collected.

Puppies under 6 months - Price on application 
£400.00 for Bull Terrier Puppies 6 - 12 months
£350.00 for Bull Terriers aged 13 months - 3 years
£250.00 for Bull Terriers aged 4 - 7 years
£150.00 for Bull Terriers aged 8 +

£250.00 for Bull Terrier cross puppies under 2 years
£200.00 for Adult Bull Terrier Crosses over 2 years