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Please note: We DO NOT re-home bullies to homes with cats or very young children - please do not apply as your application will NOT be progressed any further. 

Absolute Bull Terrier Rescue have these lovely bullies looking for their forever homes. 

If you think you may be able to offer one of these fabulous Bull Terriers a loving home, please complete the Application Form.

(Adoption Fee will be payable before the dog can be collected - please see bottom of page for details/amounts)

Age: 1 year 11 months
Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Micro-chipped: Yes
Good with children: No nippy & boisterous
Good with Dogs: Yes
Health issues: None

This gorgeous George is still very much a young man and is in need of a firm hand and boundaries being put in place so that he learns as he thinks he is pack leader. George has lived with teenagers but he thinks he rules the roost and does nip and mouth when playing. If playing with a toy he is prone to getting over excited and transfers his excitement to nipping at clothes

George has done some chewing to door frames and beading on furniture but it hasn't been excessive.  He is used to the family being around so we will look for a home that leaves him a alone for more then 3-4 hours at a time.
George is not a strong puller but definitely does not like walking in the dark or rain. He likes other dogs and is happy to play. He also travels well in a crate in the car.

George is a stunning bullie who needs a new home that can give him the time, attention and training a bullie of his age needs.

He would be best suited to someone with extensive bullie experience, who can put it the time to teach him the ropes and give him a sense of security which he seems to lack. He does appear to be a quite a nervous dog.  

George is in good conditions - his coat looks very good with only a small bald patch on the tail (small kink in the tail too), his teeth are in excellent condition as are nails and he weighs in at approx. 30 kgs and his waist is nicely defined.

If you can give George what he needs please fill in the Application Form  (an adoption fee of £350.00 with be payable for George - please see bottom of this page)


Age: 6-7 years old
Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: No
Micro-chipped: No
Good with children: Yes
Good with Dogs: No - re-homed as only dog
Health issues: None

Max needs a new home though no fault of his own.

This gorgeous lad is great with the owners own children and his grand children. He loves family, loves young children, is very calm around then and happy to play. He very much enjoys being part of a family. Typical bullie really - just loves his human interaction.

Max can be left for up to 4 hours, he will usually settle and sleep whilst he is alone. He takes
an interest in the lawn mower if gets the chance but will move away from the hoover. He travels well in the car. This boy is very loving, likes to be fussed and pampered (by everyone!) and given the opportunity will sleep with you as well.

Max does require supervision when out and about. Sometimes he isn't bothered by other dogs and sometimes he will bark at them. A careful meeting with a very laid back dog may help Max grow in confidence but he is not ready to live with another dog and can't be left off the lead.

Max is used to sleeping with adults (bottom of the bed) and isn't used to being crated. He is typically quite clever but also stubborn. He will leave things when told, will go to bed when told. He loves to be in the garden and will sunbathe all day if you let him in the summer and is quite happy to sit in front of the fire or a warm radiator in winter.

This boy needs a loving family that is perhaps experienced with a bullie that's sometimes unsociable with other dogs. If you have a Max sized hole in your life and space on the sofa (or on your bed) then please fill in the Application Form  (an adoption fee of £250.00 with be payable for Max - please see bottom of this page)

Age: 7 years old
Spayed: No
Vaccinated: Yes
Micro-chipped: No
Good with children: Yes
Good with Dogs: No - re-homed as only dog
Health issues: None

Nellie is a mini bull terrier. 

Nellie lives with a little girl aged 3 and she is very steady with her and is very happy to be cuddled by the child and any other adult that she encounters.

Nellie does not have any issues around the house, no obsessions, or separation anxiety.

She can be left for a maximum of 4 hours, she is used to having company as her owner works part time hours. Nellie is used to being in the crate and is fine to wait in there when needed.

When Nellie first goes out, she is excited and will pull madly, but will quieten after approximately five minutes and she will walk okay until she sees another dog.  When Nellie sees another dog she pulls, lunges, barks & growls, uncontrollably and its very difficult to divert her attention.  Due to her unsocial reaction towards other dogs she needs a very experienced home. 

The assessor said that Nellie greeted her with a super wagging tail. She is happy to be with people and loves being made a fuss of. Happy to roll on her back for a tummy rub and will happily sit at your feet. She lies down when told, so seemed a fairly quiet, calm dog when inside. Was happy to have her teeth, ears, eyes and skin checked. When she was out in the garden she also behaved very well, although she had to be kept on a lead due to fences being down. 

If you think you have the experience and are prepared to work with Nellie when you welcome her to your home then please get in touch by filling in an Application Form  (an adoption fee of £250.00 with be payable for Nellie - please see bottom of this page)

Indy, is just 20 months old and is deaf. She is in foster with one of our co-ordinators, so we will update her details shortly. In the photo with the other dogs she is the one at the bottom nearest the camera.

We are always happy to register people who are looking to re-home a (or pairs of) Bull Terrier. Due to the quick turn around sometimes required, we don't always have the opportunity to get all of the bullies loaded to the website. Please fill in an application form even if you don't think any of the dogs currently shown here match your requirements. Once we receive your application, and your home check is complete (and deemed satisfactory) we do hold your details, and so are then ready to call you straight away if a dog comes in that we feel would suit you.

Adoption Fee's:
Payment is required BEFORE the dog is collected.

Puppies under 6 months - Price on application 
£400.00 for Bull Terrier Puppies 6 - 12 months
£350.00 for Bull Terriers aged 13 months - 3 years
£250.00 for Bull Terriers aged 4 - 7 years
£150.00 for Bull Terriers aged 8 +

£250.00 for Bull Terrier cross puppies under 2 years
£200.00 for Adult Bull Terrier Crosses over 2 years