Dogs Available

Please note: We DO NOT re-home bullies to homes with cats or very young children - please do not apply as your application will not be progressed any further. 

Absolute Bull Terrier Rescue have these lovely bullies looking for their forever homes. 

If you think you may be able to offer one of these fabulous Bull Terriers a loving home, please complete the Application Form.

(Adoption Fee will be payable before the dog can be collected - please see bottom of page for details/amounts)

Age: 3 years old
Spayed: Yes
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes has lived with
Good with children: No experience of
Heath Issues: None
Area: Kent ME19

The beautiful Pearlie is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. 

She loves human company as much as possible and the comfort of cosy beds, chairs, sofa’s and keeping herself warm!!  She is good on walks when she meets all other dogs - if another dog does bothers/pesters her she will do her best to ignore them. She does walk off the lead to heel, sits & waits before being fed and when she is having her lead on and off. She has good re-call - except if she sees ball games and sheep!!

She is not the slightest aggressive where food is concerned and is happy to eat with the other dogs. She takes biscuits and treats very gently again waits her turn sitting next to other dogs.

Pearlie is a wonderfully loving girl. She is used to being walked with other dogs for at least an hour and then will peacefully sleep the rest of the day and evening.

She likes being groomed, and as long as with warm water is happy to be bathed in the garden. She is perfectly happy to have anything removed from her mouth if required.
She loves playing games, will retrieve, return, drop and leave mostly. She loves other games like tunnels, jumps and bending poles, as she does get bored after a while !! 

Pearlie however does have a couple of issues - she will, if she gets a chance bother sheep/livestock and appears to be quite obsessed with them. She will jump high fences to get to them and so will need to always be on a lead if there is a chance of them being near. She also will need to be kept on a lead in a park or such places where ball games are being played, football and rugby mainly she will go hurtling off to join in, has punctured balls in the past and run off with them and leapt up at any person holding onto a ball. But in a controlled environment she plays very sensibly and well. These issues are really quite easy to deal with its just being mindful of where you take her and ensure she is on lead and under control.

If you think Pearlie is the girl for you please complete an application form
(An adoption fee of £200.00 will apply for Pearlie as shown below).

Age: Approx 7 years old
Neutered: Yes
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: Has lived with
Good with children: Yes 8+
Heath Issues: None
Area: Essex

Kobi is now ready to be placed in what we hope will be his forever home. 

Kobi is 7 years young - a very active, sprightly chap. He has had a few homes in his life but was surrendered due to the change of circumstances of his previous owner. 
Kobi has a very kind nature, is extremely friendly with humans and he loves all dogs. Kobi has lived in a pack before (photo) and we would hope he could go to a home with resident dog/s but if he was re-homed as an only dog he would sill enjoy being able to socialise. 

Kobi walks well on and off a lead - he has good recall. 
There are no aggression issues whatsoever towards any dogs, but he doesn't like cats or foxes. 

Kobi does sometimes like to hump, (his foster dad and others), when he gets excited. Its probably best that if children are in the home that they are old enough to discipline him if he tries this. He may try sometimes to hump other dogs in play, but showing/giving him a toy usually will distract him. His foster dad uses a pet corrector spray, successfully, to deal with this.
Kobi does have some separation anxiety issues so this will need to be addressed, but its not to bad - he doesn't bounce of the walls or become destructive. He will search for you and may bark. These issues are being worked on but other than that he really is a pleasure to have. Everyone has loved his kind nature and good looks. 
Please consider adopting Kobi, you will love this boy. Please send in an application form
(An adoption fee of £175.00 will apply for Kobi as shown below).

Age: Approx 7 years old
Neutered: Yes
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: Has lived with/slow intro
Good with children: Yes
Heath Issues: None
Area: Midlands

Deano has come back into rescue (after being re-homed in 2013) through no fault of his own.  He is a beautiful boy who just wants love and affection. He is around 7 years old and is a fairly laid back gentlemen. He likes playing with his doggie friends, has bursts of play time and then is happy to re-settle into slumber. 
Deano isn't fond of cats and has a high prey drive so any new home will need to be free of
small furries. 
Deano is absolutely brilliant with children, from new-born upwards, he's aware of them, their size and isn't clumsy around them, so he would flourish in a family environment. He love his human company and is looking for his very much deserved happy ever after. 

If you can offer Deano his forever sofa please complete an application form

Age: 7 years old
Neutered: Yes
Chipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: No
Good with children: Yes 8+
Heath Issues: None
Area: West Midlands

This gorgeous boy has now become too much for his elderly owner's and so we are assisting with trying to find him a new home as soon as possible.

Thor is aged 7. Neutered. Vaccinated and ready to go. He is great with kids of 8+ but has not lived with. He hasn't been socialised following an incident a few years ago so he is a little nervous and could react on close contact.

Thor needs to be rehomed as an only dog and to someone/a family who can ensure care is taken when they are in areas where other dogs are off the lead. He is a lovely boy but his needs are not being met at present.

If you think you can offer this boy a wonderful home, please get in touch with the team by sending in an application form.


Age: 10 years old
Spayed: Yes
Chipped: Not yet 
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: No
Good with children: Yes 8+
Heath Issues: Daily medication
Area: Essex

You may remember our Facebook appeal in February for Tina. She came into rescue in a bit of a sorry state and needed an operation to remove a growth from under her tummy. We were able to raise the money and Tina had her operation in March - she has since been recovering, receiving the best care and attention possible and pleased to say she now has the all clear to be re-homed.

Tina is a lovely gentle girl who is now on the road to recovery and is looking for her very own 5* home. She enjoys the sofa, cuddles, food, and short walks particularly in the sunshine. In typical bullie style she doesn’t like wet weather and is happy to not go out.
Tina is approximately 10 years old, she hasn’t lived with children but has been good with her foster mum’s niece who has visited.

Tina has a weak bladder and a kidney problem, but these are controlled with daily medication. As with some white bullies she does have skin allergies and is on a grain free diet to help with this. Her skin and coat are now healing but there is still improvement which will come with time. The vet has said it’s unlikely that some her scarring will improve so she will always have some bald spots.

Tina unfortunately is not dog friendly and does need to be re-homed as an only dog. However, we believe its more fear then aggression but in a public place she dos need to be handled with care. The only time that Tina barks is when she is hungry or sees another dog.

In the home Tina is a well-behaved girl, she isn’t destructive and can be left for 4-6 hours without incident. She is happy to sleep on the sofa in comfort and be near her humans. She walks on a collar and hardly pulls at all. She does love to travel in the car. If you think you can offer this lady a wonderful home, please get in touch with the team by sending in an
application form

Age: 4 years old
Neutered: No not yet
Chipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Good with dogs: No
Good with children: No history
Heath Issues: None
Area: Guildford

Jake is currently in foster and being assessed further. He has always lived outside and so needs to get used to living indoors, is being toilet trained and getting used to the comforts of much human interaction and exercise. As soon as we have more updates we will update here.

We are always happy to register people who are looking to re-home a (or pairs of) Bull Terrier. Due to the quick turn around sometimes required, we don't always have the opportunity to get all of the bullies loaded to the website. Please fill in an application form even if you don't think any of the dogs currently shown here match your requirements. Once we receive your application, and your home check is complete (and deemed satisfactory) we do hold your details, and so are then ready to call you straight away if a dog comes in that we feel would suit you.

Age : 3 years old
Spayed : Yes
Chipped : Not yet
Vaccinated : not up to date
Good with dogs : As an only dog
Good with children: Yes
Heath Issues : Bladder medication
Area : Blackpool

This stunning girl needs a very special and understanding home. Red is nearly 4 year's old, is spayed, great with the grandkids, but sadly is fear reactive.

She needs a pet free home, with a large secure garden to exercise in. And no neighbour's
with dogs too close. She's reactive outside her boundary, therefore any potential home must be prepared for this, to either work with, or help her live a happy life without the pressures of the usual family outdoor pet.

Red would suit someone around for most of the day, so a retired couple, or a family with children which she just adores, Once settled in Red will make a typical bullie companion, she will be clingy to start as she is a little anxious at new things etc, Ideally we would like Red to get a home visit where possible.

Red has a bladder issue that is controlled by medication, and this is not expensive. We will be looking for an experienced home only. If you think this young lady could fit into a space on your sofa or you want a companion who perhaps is quite happy with an indoors lifestyle then please send in an
application form.
(An adoption fee of £200.00 will apply for Red as shown below). 

Adoption Fee's:
Payment is required BEFORE the dog is collected.

£350 for Bull Terrier puppies under 6 months
£250 for Bull Terrier Puppies 6 - 12 months
£200 for Bull Terriers aged 1 - 3 years
£175 for Bull Terriers aged 4 - 7 years
£100 for Bull Terriers aged 8 +

£150 for Bull Terrier cross puppies under 1 year
£100 for Adult Bull Terrier Crosses