Charity Status

Absolute Bull Terriers was first started by a committed group of people who wanted nothing more than to help Bullies who've found themselves in less than fortunate circumstances. It’s taken hard-work, dedication & perseverance to re-home hundreds of bullies in the last 12 years.

Over the years the Team has changed and grown – every person who has been involved has helped the rescue by giving their free time to organise assessments, transportation, fostering, & nurture abused Bullies back to life the work doesn’t stop, the phones keep ringing, the emails keep arriving and we just keep doing the best we can.  

It’s hard to explain what volunteering for a rescue is like. It will seem to some that nothing is going on but I can assure you underneath the calm exterior of the ‘pond’ our legs are working as fast as possible to bring about good results for the Bullies and the good homes/people that are waiting.

Some months ago we felt it was time to apply to become a registered charity; after a number of emails between ourselves and the Charity Commission, we received confirmation this week that everything is in order and we are so very pleased and proud to say that Absolute Bull Terriers is now a registered Charity. The registered No is: 1165661.

We have established links with other long standing rescues in the hope that we can work together for the greater good of the breed.

We have continued support via our Facebook page with over 10'000 + followers  - many of you raise funds/support us in very different ways and we couldn’t do it without you.  We will continue to strive to help our beloved Bullies in every way we can.