Here are the stories of the Bull Terriers in our care that currently need extra attention. 

These lovely bullies are however, not quite ready yet to be re-homed. They are receiving ongoing veterinary care and their foster parents are working hard to undo all the hurt and pain they have endured at the hands of irresponsible owners.

Beau (white) is 11 years old and Sox (red & white) is 8 these girls need a foster/forever together as they pine for each other. Both are fantastic with children.

Beau has been spayed but is suffering with her skin - we believe caused by stress with all the changes recently. Both are underweight.

Ideally we need to find a home where they can settle in their retirement years. We are looking for a foster or forever home somewhere within travelling distance to the DA16 area (Welling Kent) which is close to our vets.

20.10.16 update following a trip to the vets
Both weigh in at approximately 16kg. 

Sox is healthy just had her stitches out from a previous operation a few weeks ago.

Beau is not faring so well - skin issues, lumps & callous on her feet and ears. Beau is on antibiotics for 2 weeks then needs to go in to be sedated to have the lumps and ears looked at properly. We will keep you updated. 

29.10.16 Update: Beau is booked into the vets on Monday 31.10.16 for general anesthetic so that further investigations can be carried out on her skin lumps and bumps.  On Thursday evening (3.11.16) both dogs will be going into foster and we will keep you up to date with any medical issues as we go

Donations towards their care/veterinary costs can be made direct to our vet. 
Park View Veterinary Group, Welling Kent. 
Tel : 020 8303 2864 
 Please say its for Beau & Sox of Absolute Bull Terrier Rescue


Age : 7/8 years old 
Spayed : No - see below 
Chipped : Yes  
Vaccinated: Yes   
Good with dogs : Yes
Good with children : Yes
Heath Issues : See below

Lucy was in need of a foster home. due to her previous owners are not able to afford possible treatment that she would need.

During a pre-op check, a lump on her mammary gland was found - further tests are needed on the lump along with blood tests etc. Lucy will remain in foster whilst these tests are conducted.

Lucy is walked on a harness and usually is allowed off in a secure area. She walks nicely and has good recall. Lucy travels well on back seat but has only been on short journeys in the car.

Lucy was found to be very lovable, very docile and she sat patiently for treats and accepted them nicely.

UPDATE : Lucy has gone into foster this week (4.7.16). She also has had a visit at the vets:

She has had her nails trimmed & her eyes checked over. The vet has found more lumps on her mammories, so she will need to have the whole string out on both sides & have 7 teeth removed. The quote will be in the region of £2000 and we are just waiting for confirmation. Any support you can provide would be gratefully received.

UPDATE: Lucy will be remaining in long term foster with Absolute covering her medical bills. 

Age : 6-7 years old
Spayed: Yes 
Chipped : Yes
Vaccinated: No   
Good with dogs : No
Good with children : Yes 

Jessy is 6- 7 years old and is great with children - she lived with 3 children under the ages of 5 years old. She is a gentle bullie and deserves a home full of comforts and cuddles. Jessy is quiet in nature and may take a little while to adjust in a new home. 

Whilst Jessy loves her humans she doesn't like other dogs at all and so needs to be muzzled when out in public - she is used to wearing it and will happily put her head in when getting ready for a walk. 

UPDATE 7.5.16 - Jessy went into foster yesterday afternoon and we are sorry to say its been made very clear today that all is not well with her. Following a visit to the vet this morning we know the following: She has an enlarged heart which will need further investigation before anything can be done. The cough she has is from bronchitis, a lung blockage possibly from an infection or lung-worm, a water infection showing urinary crystals, dry eye which is infected and to top all of that off she also needs 10 teeth to be removed. The bill for today alone is £444.79 - if you can help by donating to paypal we would be grateful. We will post up the vets information as soon as possible so that payments can also be made there direct.

UPDATE 18.5.16 - Tonight's pics of this beautiful girl. She's improved in general A LOT. Her cough seems to be nearly gone. She's gaining strength and muscle in her rear legs and loves to be out and about. She's proven to be not the girl we expected and will make a fab family pet. Its hard to believe all that's going on underneath. Still have those teeth to remove when the vet's say she can undergo surgery, which is dependent on this enlarged heart and blood results.


UPDATE: 9.7.16: Jessy has came so far in such a short time, and is now at her personal best. Its clear to all of the bond she has with Emma her foster mom. And in her mind Jessy is already
"home" therefore, Jessy will stay in forever foster with absolute paying for her treatment. She'll stay on the website under the ICU section as we'll still need to raise funds to cover this but seeing her smiles have made every penny worthwhile.

Update 12.10.16: Jessy took a turn for the worse last night and was admitted into the emergency clinic. A lot of fluid was found in her lungs caused by her heart, blue gums and lips - she spent the night there on oxygen. Today she has been admitted into the vets for further tests but was more lively this morning. I'm awaiting an update yet as to the latest. Please keep Jessy in your thought's she's come such a long way
Update 13.10.116: Jessy is not a happy bullie this morning, still has quite a cough. She now has medication to take daily but appears a little brighter in herself and is eating. We appreciate the input from our supporters in keeping up with this girls ongoing medical. Sending BIG Kisses from Jessy xx

Update 15.10.16: Jessy is more mobile this morning although is looking very sad. Tests yesterday revealed that her heart rate is up again but blood pressure was OK. She has a spike in the ventricle which is bad, but is trying new medication from Monday which hopefully will pull her round but don't strengthen her heart like the current one's do. It's catch 22 at present and trying to find the right balance - but she's hanging in there.

Update 18.10.16: Jessy started new heart medication yesterday so we'll have to wait and see how things improve. But she sure looks happier today.


Please remember Jessy, and any spare pennies would be appreciated either to Absolute via PayPal or direct to her vets: Companion Care - 01329 552155 under ABSOLUTE/Jessy


The lovely Bonnie, came into rescue after being dumped at the local dogs home.  She was underweight, has badly decayed teeth and has a raised lump on her back which measures 6cm round & 2cm high.

Bonnie has been in foster with the co-ordinators of Absolute, we are pleased to say she has gained a little weight and now been assessed by a vet. They have given her the all clear for the surgery that she needs.

Bonnie (far right) with her Absolute friends
The lump needs to be removed & sent away for testing. She needs a dental, scale & polish (vet is not sure at this stage if any teeth need to be removed) and she will be spayed at the same time.
We will update on Bonnie's progress here.....

UPDATE 14.10.2015
Bonnie went into the vets today for her surgery.
She is now home but feeling very sorry for herself. She has had 6 teeth out, been spayed and had the lump removed.
 The lump has been sent off - we should have the results within 10 days. Her heart coped well under the anaesthetic, she was out for just over 2 hours, her grade 3 heart murmur needs to be closely monitored.

Update for Bonnie 30.10.2015: She had her heart scan today - it showed a thickening of the arteries on the right side of her heart. It's congenital mitral valve disease (Endocardiosis) and she has just started on medication for this.


Little Ria is only 9 months old. She came to ABT via another rescue who asked us to take her as the kennels she was in was causing her extreme stress.

When Ria gets stressed or anxious she backward sneezes which can be quite alarming for those who have never seen it before.It's a condition that she may suffer from for the rest of her life. 

Ria also has a constant limp - she has undergone a routine check up and X rays and it's shown that she has Luxating Patellas (floating kneecaps) to both back legs/knees which will require surgery. 

We will need to raise the funds for her surgery so if you can assist ABT with any contributing, no matter how small please donate direct to the vet practice that will be carrying out the operation: 
Park View Veterinary Group, Park View Road, 
Welling DA16 1SJ
Tel : 0208 303 2864 (please state: Absolute Account Ria).

Ria is currently in foster and despite the above conditions she is settling down well and is proving to be a very sweet girl.

We will update here as and when we have any news on Ria's progress. 

20.4.15 Ria has been to the vets today and had further X-rays. Her right leg is worse than they first anticipated and so they will be operating today.

21.4.15 Ria is home after her operation and recovering well.

Ria has been going to puppy classes and is doing very well. 

Update 14.10.15 Ria has had her left leg operated on today. She is recovering at present.


This young lady who is around 2 years old was dropped off to us with the possibility that she may be pregnant. She arrived on the 12th October and it was quite clear that babies were on the way.

Mabel was checked over by a vet as quickly as possible and we have been told that there are at least 3 puppies and the good news is that all the heartbeats were strong.  Mabel is now our priority, we need to get her settled and also prepare her for motherhood. She is currently in foster with a co-ordinator of ABT and this is where she will stay now.

We will keep this page updated with any news on how Mabel is getting on and also the puppies when they arrive.

23.10.14 Puppies are growing and Mabel is taking some well earned rest before they arrive: 

28.10.14 Mabel was taken to the vets first thing this morning for a check up as she had reached 60 days of pregnancy. The vet found her cervix to be open but no labour in progress so she was kept in to keep infection to a minimum and also because only one puppy heart beat was present.  For a good few hours everyone at Absolute was pacing up and down like expectant parents waiting for news that Mabel and the pups were okay.

We are pleased to say that just before lunchtime the vet called to say 4 pups ( 3 boys and 1 girl) were born by c-section and mum and pups were all healthy.

Mabel was able to come home later the same day. 

Now the hard work starts as Mabel will need round the clock supervision whilst she adjusts to motherhood. We will of course keep the photos and updates coming as they grow.

29.10.14 Unfortunately Mabel has not accepted the puppies and the decision to hand rear the pups was made today between the the co-ordinators and the vets who delivered them. The pups will now have a fight on their hands and everyone involved will do all we can to give them every chance of survival.  Mabel of course is confused and stressed at present and everything is being done to make her feel as secure as possible. Once her c-section scar has healed Mabel will be looking for her forever home - only the best will do for this young girl who has had a pretty traumatic time.

30.10.14 Goodnews!!

We are overjoyed to report that although Mabel wasn't too good overnight, she has since picked up. 

Mabel has fed the pups today and generally appeared to find it easier than yesterday. She is still having to be held down as she isn't 100% sure about things but she is getting more relaxed with each feed. Her milk seems to be coming in nicely with the puppies effort, and all are doing pretty well considering

We would like to thank EVERYONE so much for all the advice, concern, and donations we have received, and the donations sent towards their ongoing care so far.
As of today Mabel's veterinary bill is £678.09...if you can assist us with a donation towards this then you can pay via paypal or direct to the vets: 

Park View Veterinary group, Parkview Road, Welling, Kent
DA16 1SJ.    Tel 0208 303 2864 - please say the funds are for Mabel.

31.10.14 More good news & Introductions

Mabel is coping really well today, and is more relaxed than ever. The pups are feeding well.


Top left: Bertie, Top right: Frankie
Bottom left: Larry, Bottom right: Megan

8.12.14 Nearly 6 weeks old and looking ever so adorabull:

19.12.14 The pups are now nearly 8 weeks old and they have all been found forever homes. HUGE thank you's to everyone for their support.  The biggest thanks goes to Karen Lang who has tirelessly done everything from making Mabel comfortable in the 2 weeks before the pups were born, for waking every two hours whilst the pups were newborn and Mabel was adjusting to motherhood, and for giving the pups all they need to grow into healthy bullies. 


Crunch was picked up from Coventry pound. The only assessment details we had to go on were : Male, white with markings, 8 years old, micro-chipped, neutered, good with dogs - no aggression at all. 

Our 1st photo of Crunch in the pound.

We were able to find Crunch a foster home within 48 hours and whilst he has settled in well it was pretty obvious that he had a few health issues and was booked into the vets for a full MOT and blood tests.

 He had what we thought was a nasty eye infection but upon the vets examination he has been diagnosed with Entrophia (his eyelashes grow inwards), he has ulcerated corneas and some small vision loss - antibiotics and lubrication drops were prescribed, to keep him comfortable and we were told an operation would be required.

The operation will cost £340.00 for both eyes and he will still suffer from dry eye that will need long term attention. If left unattended he will go blind and could possibly have to have his eyeballs removed.

Crunch has had the benefit of a clean and loving home since 14th September and looks much improved already from the photos below by his foster family.

 Crunch has been booked in for the necessary operation and it will be carried out on 8th October.


Update 8.10.14 Unfortunately Crunch's operation didn't take place today, he still has a lot of infection in his eyes and the vet needs this to improve before they go ahead. He has been prescribed more antibiotics & lubrication drops and will go back in 2 weeks to see how he is getting on. 

26.12.2014 Such good news!  Crunchs' foster parents have adopted him. Everyone at Absolute is really pleased for this lovely bullie.




We received a call (February 2014) about a bullie that needed to be re-homed, and found two dogs in need of urgent attention; Henry the Bull Terrier and Carlton the Bulldog. They were living in unacceptable conditions and were removed immediately.

Henry was moved into foster with one of Absolute's co-ordinators and taken to a vet as he clearly needed attention. 

We are pleased to say that Bulldog Carlton was able to be re-homed almost immediately, and now lives a very comfortable life with his new loving humans and doggie friends.
The whole of Henry's body was found to be infected in some way: in his glands, eyes, ears, paws, throat and he also had a high temperature.  The vet said that considering what he had been through, and the amount of pain he would undoubtedly be in, he appeared to be a very trusting boy. 

Henry's heart was found to be fine and he was not deaf as ABT were originally informed- but his ears were just so badly infected he couldn't hear. He was blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other. From looking at Henry's teeth the vet estimated him to be around 4 - 5 years old and it was the conditions that he lived in which has made him look like a much older dog. 

Henry was allowed to settle for a couple of weeks whilst taking medication to deal with all his issues.

March 2014Henry's eyes and ears have improved a little and on a walk over the field he was let off his lead and was able to either see/smell his foster daddy, ran over to him and did some bullie spins. His personality and spirit are really starting to come through and he is looking/feeling much more alert. Henry was still visiting the vets regularly.
April 2014: Henry's eyes had improved but they still were not as they should be so the treatment has continued. He had one very bad tooth which needed removing. He seems to wag his tail only a few times in the morning when he first see's his foster mum. He is still having flash backs every now and then, which visibly upset him. He will go to sleep in the back room, wake up confused and cry until he gets some reassurance that everything is okay.

May 2014: Henry is still receiving veterinary treatment as his eyes continue to be a  problem - He can't open his right eye. The vet advised us today he needs to have an operation on both his eyes as there is chronic entropion (which has been present for some time). There is sinking of both eyeballs into the orbits with temporal muscle wasting. This was caused by trauma (being hit on the head), additionally suffering facial nerve damage due to the abuse. Henry also has scar tissue due to cigarette butts being stubbed out on his body.  The new owner of Bulldog Carlton (now Big Ernie) said that Big Ern had also shown signs of abuse with cigarette butts and has scars on his head. 

June 2014:   Henry has been to the vet and had his operations on his eyes and a general MOT - The vet confirmed : 10 stitches in each eye, 5 teeth taken out and the other teeth scaled and polished, both ears flushed out (right ear was predominantly much worse), blood has been taken to assess if there is any internal damage from the beatings he has taken.

Henry's stitches will need to be removed in 10 days and we will update you once this has been done and we also have his blood results back. 

Update : This evening (9.6.14) we have been advised by his foster mom that Henry has responded to sound for the 1st time and is now able to hear - this is awesome news for all at ABT (it's a small step but it's made us all smile) and we would like to take this chance to say a 'thank you' to his foster parents Kim & Gerrard for the time and effort being ploughed into making Henry happy.

Update 14.6.14: The vets bill for Henry's care is now up to £288.98. Any contribution you can make to assist us covering his bill is very gratefully received.

At present all his foster parents can do is accept that time is a great healer, keep on with the medical treatment and provide reassurance and love until his flashbacks to his horrible past fade into background.

Henry's treatment is funded solely by donations from our supporters. If you can spare any amount to assist with Henry's medical bills please either click on the Paypal Donate link at the bottom of this page OR you can call the vets direct to make a donation: 

2 VET Ltd, Veterinary Surgery, 36 St Johns Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, Merseyside L22 9QG Tel : 0151 920 8212

Update 8.7.14 Henry has his 1st visit to the seaside last weekend and enjoyed a paddle in the sea. He is still having eye and ear drops daily and his foster parents are monitoring his health closely.

Update 7.9.14 Hoooray for Henry - he has been adopted by his foster parents...after seeing him through his recovery they can't bare to part with him.  HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to Henry's journey.




Absolute were asked by the dogs owner for help re-homing their two bullies: Buster and Bullseye.  The assessment took place on 10th May 2014. The assessor was shocked at the condition the dogs were being kept in and reported back as follows :

The two dogs were housed in separate kennels within a garage at the back of the house. The conditions the dogs were kept in are TERRIBLE! The owner could not remember when they were last walked, the kennel/cages they lived in had very little or no bedding so they slept on concrete flooring, both dogs had infected eyes and Bullseye was very skinny. Both were left for hours on end with no attention or company.

Absolute managed to secure a temporary foster for both of these boys and within 24 hours worked out how to transport them both from Wales to Devon. 

Both boys were picked up on the 11th May and that evening arrived at their new temporary home which included heated kennels with an outside run and getting plenty of love and attention.

Absolute decided to give the boys new names to go with their new start: Buster is now Horatio and Bullseye is now Napoleon.
   Horatio             Napoleon
13th May - Both boys were assessed further at this point. Both were settling in very well. They had been fed well and also getting exercised. Napoleon was found to walk great on the lead and Horatio pulled a bit. They have walked fine together with no issues and even met an English Bulldog and both had waggy tails and wanted to play. The assessor advised that although there was still some way to go before the boys could be re-homed, that we had something good to work with and they will make great companions for some lucky person/person's in the future

19th May - Horatio has gone into a foster home and is adjusting well (see photo's below). Napoleon needs a bit more time to settle before he is moved. Both have had health checks today. Both dogs teeth are fine after having bones to gnaw on. Both have had blood taken and we will get the results shortly. Both still need to be neutered.

Horatio has been vaccinated and his dry eye is being treated. He had a discharge from his private parts but the vet felt that this was down to a poor diet previously which should now improve without medication. 

Napoleon didn't have his jabs as he still needs to gain a fair bit of weight.  

Horatio now in foster


ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase Level) Levels very high should be 70 are 500 
Associated with Liver problems
ALT found in the liver, muscle (cardiac and skeletal), kidneys, and erythrocytes ) Levels very high should be 60/70 are 300
He has been put on antibiotics for 2 weeks, then more bloods will be done, if results are still high, he will need a x ray to check for structural damage to his liver.

Very underweight, looks like he has major skin problems, sore swollen feet, missing fur & very itchy. He has a high white blood cell count, so fighting off some form of infection associated with the skin.

Napoleon as at 24th May - an amazing difference since 10th May but still a way to go

The vets bill currently stands at £215.53.

Horatio and Napoleon's treatment is funded solely by donations from our supporters. If you can spare any amount to assist with their medical bills please either click the Paypal Donate link at the bottom of this page OR you can call the vets direct and make a donation:  

Southmoor Vets Ivy Bridge Tel: 01752 698743

5th June : Horatio needed to spend some time at the vets due to having a bouts of vomiting & diarrhoea. The vomiting or diarrhoea subsided which is an improvement, but then Horatio went yellow showing problems with his liver - he is now on medication to assist with this. Also a problem with his gallbladder has shown up on an ultrasound. We are currently waiting on more blood test results.

Update 12.6.14: Horatio's vet bill is now up to £628.73. Any contribution you can make to assist us covering his bill is very gratefully received. 


Update 7.7.14 Napoleon is ready for his forever home.... please see 'dogs looking for homes' page.

Update 7.7.14 Horatio is still plagued by ill health. He has suffered constant infections & vomiting since June. He has been staying at the vets where he remained on a drip for 3 days to hydrate him, he has had numerous blood tests taken, which showed problems with his liver. Horatio seemed to improve for a few weeks, with help from his medication, then would go downhill again.

Today he has been to the vets for a scan, they have found a tumour inside his gall bladder, which the vet has described as very organised.  These scan results are being sent to a specialist for a second opinion, we are not sure at the moment what Horatio's chances are, removing his Gall Bladder has been suggested. We want to give this lovely boy the best chance we possibly can.

If you can find it in your hearts to donate towards Horatio's on going treatment, everyone at Absolute will be very grateful, not to forget Horatio himself & his foster parents who are beside themselves with worry at the moment.

Every £1 donated will make a big difference.

Please keep Horatio in your thoughts & prayers, and send him all your positive vibes.

Donations can be made direct (telephone number above) or via Paypal info@absolutebullterriers.co.uk  - please send as family & friends so we don't get charged & state it is for Horatio.  A big thank you to everyone from the Absolute team.  

Update 18.8.14 Good news for Horatio... Further tests have shown that a mass in his gall bladder is benign. His liver function is now normal thanks to his medication, which he will have to stay on for life & his foster parents have officially adopted him.

Update 19.8.14 Good news for Napoleon - he has now found his forever home.

Everyone at Absolute is over the moon that these boys have found their final forever homes after a long road of recovery, and can now embrace a life of love, good care and cuddles. A HUGE Thank you to everyone who assisted us with their care, the transporters, the people who donated funds, the foster families etc.

When the boys were assessed two other dogs were observed and they appeared to be in desperate need of medical attention. Absolute appealed for assistance with moving the other two dogs straight away and Hope Rescue based in Wales (despite already being full) made room for Sam and Oscar. 

Unfortunately Oscar was just too ill to withstand the intervention he would require to get better and Hope Rescue made the decision to let him go to the bridge in the arms of his carer. 

Sam was found a foster home and now knows what it is like to live as a dog should, in the comfort of a home with loving humans and doggie friends. He does have a large tumor/growth on the side of his body which will be assessed.
Sam (at the back)

19.6.14 Hope Rescue posted the following post today: 

We usually put a "headline" with our posts but nothing I can think of conveys how we feel right now. I think this may just be the most difficult post I have written. We are beyond devastated to let you know that Sam didn’t survive his surgery. Whilst the fine needle aspirates only showed a fatty lump, the surgical team found the inside of the mass was rotten and full of infection. They managed to remove 7kg of tissue successfully and just as they were finishing the last stitch his heart gave out and he could not be resuscitated. The mass had been leaking toxins which may have been a contributing cause. Our hearts are broken and our thoughts are very much with his foster carer Hannah and her family who had welcomed him into their home as one of their own. The vet has reassured us that the surgery was necessary and that without it the toxins would have slowly infected him anyway. The only comfort we can take is that he would have died a far worse death in his dirty kennel rather than spending his last few weeks happy and loved. I have tried but words really cannot explain how we feel. We are just so, so sorry we couldn’t give Oscar or Sam their happy ever afters. If only love and good wishes were enough they would both be very much with us still. 

Everyone at Absolute is devastated to hear this news, but we can only say a huge thank you to Hope Rescue for taking in both Oscar and Sam and making them feel loved and comfortable for the last few days/weeks of their lives. Loosing a dog at any time is traumatic for those who loved/cared for them but it just makes us more determined to keep trying harder to rescue as many dogs as we can.

If you can help contribute towards their care (even if its £1.00) please send a payment to Absolute via Paypal

or by bank transfer to the following account: 

Nat West Bank
Account name: Absolute Bull Terriers
Account No: 13071793

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